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retro from 1997 & 1998!

Houseof3d.com has the oldest 3D content on the web, hands down. Vintage VRML and Classic Unsigned Java Applets will challenge your browser. Virtual worlds and 3D visualizations so primitive, you'll feel like you're back in the good ol' Twentieth Century, using Netscape 3 & Cosmo Player. You can even enjoy using your old red-and-blue 3D glasses in here, 'cause back then, that's how we rolled. This is the online equivalent of a dilapidated heritage building. We won't tear it down, port it, or rebuild it, in the name of modernity. Enter and Enjoy!

- OR - visit our NEW SPACE

Modern, Mobile-friendly, No plugins: 3dspace.com

3dspace.com is our new home for modern 3D content and virtual worlds on the open web. Because we couldn't bring ourselves to damage the vintage patina on Houseof3d.com, we just plain moved to another location - 3dspace.com - when the time came to modernize. The flat web is gonna evolve. VR is about to be the next big thing. The world needs 3D content, and the tools to build it do exist. Experience immersive virtual worlds and 3D content in your browser, even on your smartphone, without any plugins. Enter and Enjoy!

* Use your mouse or your finger to navigate the 3D visualizations above.

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