Pineapple Pete's Hawaiian Beach Party
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My Hawaiian Beach Party was developed with input from staff at Ontario nursing homes and retirement homes for my most appreciative audience: senior citizens.

I decided to bring the music to them after realizing that any time I played an event, an older lady or gentleman would always approach me to say they remember the music and instrument from their younger days!

Pineapple Pete's Hawaiian Beach Party is much more than dinner music (though it can be stripped down to dinner music, if that's what you need!). I bring along a ukulele, one of those tiny Hawaiian guitars, and lead rollicking singalongs of old favorites. While I do sing a few Hawaiian songs, like My Little Grass Shack and Pineapple Princess, I mainly interperet 20th century classics with my tiny Hawaiian ukulele. After many, many hours as a senior citizens' entertainer, I have a broad repetoire of sure-fire singalong hits, like Take me out to the Ball Game, Somewhere over the Rainbow or Home on the Range. Some more modern songs that always inspire much singing in seniors homes are Que Sera Sera, Raindrops Keep Fallin' on my Head or Tie a Yellow Ribbon 'round the Old Oak Tree. I enjoy performing medleys by pioneers of Rock 'n' Roll, like Elvis or The Beach Boys, when the party dynamic is ready to go up that extra notch.

Audience participation is wonderful for seniors and fun for me! Aside from being encouraged, (constantly, if necessary) to sing along, audience members are invited to learn some gentle arm movements from traditional hula dance. Residents stay seated, but get their blood - and spirit- flowing.

As a break from singalongs, I return periodically to the lap steel to play a sweet, beach-evoking instrumental. I play Hawaiian classics such as Aloha Oe and Pearly Shells and non-traditional numbers like Blue Hawaii and Tiny Bubbles. Crowd pleasers like Harbor Lights and Red Sails in the Sunset are explored in the Hawaiian Style. We come as far forward as the 1950's with the steel guitar pop classic Sleepwalk.

My Hawaiian Beach Party is relaxing, engaging, exciting, fun entertainment that warms the hearts of anyone who remembers the 1930's or 1940's - or anyone taking a short trip to the sweet sound of days gone by.

Please contact me for more information or to book a show. (I work out of Toronto, Canada.)

Welcome to Pineapple Pete's Hawaiian Beach Party
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