The Brothers Countrypolitan: Putting the Polyester back in Country Music

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the Brothers Countrypolitan Home Page

Fun Stuff

the world weary microphone - now with GPS tracker!
Visit our Microphone GPS Map and see where the Microphone has gotten to!
yet another broken string
The Brothers get ready to break their 100th string.
brad's guitar with a neon-green capo
Brad's guitar gently weeps while Dan plays it with a capo.
Allergic to Polyester
Brad's neighbour's cat keeps interrupting the band's rehersals because he is allergic to polyester.
Joni may or may not be amused, but Gordie's gonna clean our clocks
High-profile Canadian recording artists ask some tough questions about the band's arrangements.
the reverb in here is nuts
Dan practices singing in an astronaut's helmet for the gig on the space station.
Ruby on the Uke
Pete's little girl Ruby has her first strum at 9 weeks.
Shocking Photos tell the tale of a horrible encounter between Pete's Pedal Steel and his cat George.

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