3D Constellations

Another amazing oldschool 3D visualization applet from HouseOf3D.com.


Drag your cursor across the constellation Leo below - and see something cool! A whole new perspective on a familiar constellation of the zodiac. I'll bet you've never seen anything quite like it.

You need a java enabled browser to view this.

This 3D visualization widget was written some time ago to illutrate how, if you believe in 3 dimensional space, constellations would look different if you were to view them from far away from the Earth. Some of the stars are near, and some are far. The stars seem to "project" a 2 dimensional image on the surface of the sphere of the sky - but that's just an illusion. And a difficult illusion to escape, at that! Drag your mouse over the constellation. This widget is here to help you get your picture of space off the ground, it's worth at least a few thousand words.

I find that using this widget for a little while has an interesting effect on what I see when I look up at an actual constellation at night - this helps break the "illusion" that the stars are sitting on a flat plane up in space.

Unless of course you believe that the earth is flat, or the sky is a series of spheres around the earth, in which case this little program may make no sense to you at all...

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