3D Constellation Scorpio

Another amazing oldschool 3D visualization applet from HouseOf3D.com.


Drag your cursor across the constellation Scorpio below - and see something cool! A whole new perspective on a familiar constellation of the zodiac. I'll bet you've never seen anything quite like it.

You need a java enabled browser to view this.

This is Scorpio, the second constellation of the zodiac I am presenting in 3D. As you spin it, (drag your mouse over it!) notice how the stars in the middle are very far away, and the stars at the ends are closer. More or less. It's a pretty constellation from many angles.

I should point out that the distances of the stars, as represented in this visualization applet, are on a logarithmic scale - what this means, simply, is the far-away stars are really, really far away - farther away than they appear here. But you get the idea, I hope - the constellation themselves are three-dimensional shapes, and they only look the way they do to us because of where we are viewing them from.

Unless of course you believe that the earth is flat, or the universe is a stack of turtles that goes down forever, in which case this little program may make no sense to you at all...

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