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Pete Gray's "modern" home page...

Fun 3D stuff from HouseOf3d!

3d constellations An exercise in extraterrestial stellar cartography, check out our new 3D Constellations visualization widget! See how the stars look if you were to leave the Earth and travel through space!

stereoscopic viewmaster Thanks to everyone who wrote to tell us what type of viewmaster is featured in our stereoscopic model for users of 3d glasses.

Our most popular web app is a cool graphical calculator to help you find your hexadecimal color numbers.

3d equation graph Try this interactive, educational tool for visualizing 3D Graphs of Equations, the "Graph-in-a-Box". Many mathematical equations on display.

3D cube This amazing spinnable 3D cube has crude but convincing directional lighting and surface reflection.

3D trigonometry made easy for bicycle mechanics and wheel builders with our simple spoke length calculator.

3d Fractal Generator Explore 3D Fractals using this fun applet that lets you "seed" and grow your own 3D fractals, using simple 3D shapes and a recursion pattern of your choice!

(for all the old VRML favorites, please see the right side of this page...)

While not in 3D, we have been working on a site for undecided voters, a site that performs free tarot readings, a site about a honky-tonk Country Band from Toronto, a site about Hawaiian Music, including seniors' entertainment, and a site about Pedal Steel Guitar.

Pete's Home Page

Pete's WeBlog

State-of-the-art online Ukulele Tuner (in 2D)

Try Pete's version of Asteroids! (in 2D) has teamed up with for our web site design and administration.

VRML worlds

If you see a mouse in any of these worlds, click on it for a guided tour!

  • The Human Rollercoaster of Death has been infested with surreal mice!
    Try the track, the trials course, or click on a mouse for a tour.

  • The mice just LOVE the bottomless pit. Take the plunge!
    You can click a mouse to be taken into the pit, or jump in on your own! Watch for mice that have jumped in previously.

  • Here's a first look at the house.
    Watch as the sun rises and sets in a few seconds! Visit Cookie on the porch!

  • Explore inside the walls.
    You'll be very small. Try walking all the way to the end!

  • We're thinking of using doors like these.
    Click to go through!

NOTE! To experience 3d VRML worlds, your browser requires a plug in called 'CosmoPlayer'.
If you can't seem to view any of HouseOf3D, go get it!

If you can't get the plugin working, and would still like a good time, try out Pete's Asteroids clone game.


We've already caught some of these crickets around the house!
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Some 3d stuff from Pete Gray's Home Page

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updated Dec 2004