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Appraisal Instructions

Easy as 1, 2, 3! And it's free!

1. Enter the domain name you would like appraised. If the name is comprised of more than one word, capitalize the beginning of each word. (for example, if your domain is myfavoritedomain.com, enter MyFavoriteDomain). Select the top level domain from the choice menu at the right. Click 'next' to go the the next step.

2. You will be given a phrase to search at AltaVista. It is important that you search this phrase exactly, including the double quotes at the beginning and the end of the phrase. Do not capitalize the beginning of each word during your search! After you search, AltaVista will tell you how many pages were found containing your phrase. Enter this number in the space provided, and click 'finish'. (hint: to make this easier, right click the AltaVista link and select "open in a new window". Then you will have one browser with the domain appraiser and one with AltaVista.)

3. You're done! The objective domain appraisal tool will tell you how much it believes your domain is worth.

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Sample Domain Name Appraisals

Here are some examples of the power of the Objective Domain Appraisal Tool. These domains have already been sold for the amount shown. The Objective Appraisals (calculated in May 2000) are also shown. In many cases, the blindly objective appraisals are eerily accurate!

Domain Name

How much
did it
sell for?

appraised for:

Business.com $7,500,000 $7,700,000
Loans.com $3,000,000 $500,000
Income.com $2,100,000 $1,500,000
Savings.com $1,900,000 $770,000
Biz.com $1,750,000 $920,000
WallStreet.com $1,030,000 $120,000
Drugs.com $823,456 $1,000,000
Cinema.com $700,000 $1,100,000
Taxes.com $700,000 $770,000
Wisdom.com $475,000 $420,000
Tower.com $208,000 $980,000
Architecture.com $190,000 $1,000,000
Fruits.com $160,000 $210,000
PhoneCalls.com $120,000 $130,000
Speaker.com $120,000 $720,000
Seminars.com $119,000 $870,000
HappyBirthday.com $55,000 $50,000
Madeira.com $50,000 $86,000
Florist.com $30,000 $66,000
Withdraw.com $12,270 $14,000
SoccerFans.com $6,300 $1,000
Tidy.com $4,725 $16,000
PoliticalJokes.com $2,095 $540
Jalopies.com $260 $180
Friends.net $12,040 $250,000
Diary.net $9,510 $61,000
Venture-Capital.net $4,510 $1,400
Lazy.net $1,990 $10,000

These samples show that the Objective Domain Name Appraisal Tool can usually come up with values that are within a factor of ten of the actual sale amount, sometimes a little high, sometimes a little low. That amounts to being able to come up within one of the right number of zeroes, which is, in itself, quite an accomplishment for an algorithm applied to an abstract, subjective field. It's probably as good as most people can do!

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Appraisal Help

There is really nothing that can be done to help. If your browser does not support java, well, get a browser that supports java. If you are so web savvy that you are interested in getting a domain name appraised, you probably have a browser that supports java.

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About the Appraisal Machine

This objective domain appraisal machine was created to do something that no person is capable of, that is, to estimate the monetary value of a domain name based entirely upon objective factors. While you can easily argue that a domain name's value is equal only to what someone is willing to pay for it, and that that value is entirely subjective, the concept of an 'appraisal' is quite foolish when it comes to something like a domain name. This tool, however, accounts for factors such as how long the domain name is, what the top-level domain is, how many hyphens it contains, and most obviously, how many searchable pages on the web contain the word or phrase defined by the domain name.

The fine folks at DomainIQ have this to say: (May 2000)

    Objective Domain Name Appraisals
    This free self-appraisal service compares the words in your domain name against the search result numbers at Altavista to give you a rough estimate of value. Although we don't see this as a stand alone option, we do think it has value as a compliment to a well researched appraisal.

I think it's very nice of them to credit this applet so! Check out their site!

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This applet is for entertainment purposes only. If the domain name is in violation of someone's patent or copyright, then no monetary value can be attached to it. If it says your domain name is worth nothing, please don't be offended.

This applet is for entertainment purposes only!

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