Pitter gray
Toronto, 0ntario, Canada
PLEASE NOTE: This is a goofy version of my home page that has been translated into Chinese and back by BabelFish. My real home page, unscrambled, is here.

Hello! Welcome to me the main page, connects me diligently in the certain quantity region, including software, net tool, hypothesized world, bicycle event, steel guitar music, politics, and are more.

  • Undecided.com, one kind of resources is great is undecided

  • 3D applet
  • 3D affects the viewer
  • 3D glass application
  • 3D score Uygur
  • Stereoscope Viewmaster

  • Net tool
  • Hexadecimal system color calculator
  • Objective domain name appraiser

  • Pleasure material
  • Planetoid clone
  • Died VRML the 3D person's roller coaster
  • True magnified lens
  • Link

  • Bicycle
  • Spoke length calculator
  • The critical mass rides
  • European cycle messenger champion

  • Music
  • Hawaian steel guitar
  • Reuben cherry
  • Brother Countrypolitan
  • On February 10, 2004: I had discovered BabelFish, one kind of translation service is a homepage, with invested the link right to it in this page under. For the pleasure, I translate this page to become Chinese again and behind. This laughable result!

    Foot pedal steel by Pitter Gray On January 23, 2004: I manufacture and deployed I the foot pedal steel guitar page, introduce to the music I play in the foot pedal steel and some sound clip downloading. Again thank robs Clarke, draws the city image I to use in these stands!

    On January 17, 2004: I have launched Undecided.com. Undecided voter? It now is not any thing, but I hoped very quickly grows it greatly to enter one kind of resourcesfor undecidedto be true. The undecided voter will play in an any campaign strong character, but particularily 2,004 US presidential election. It is hard is undecided when everybody explains religious doctrine as if to the choir.

    On January 5, 2004: After 7 years neglect, I renewed my family page (to see also "am my old website?" Sidebar in right.) This comes in to create a website heel for mine Hawaian steel guitar music Hawaian steel guitar music, with the understanding, I uses the net to take the bank clearing behavior I various ' enterprise, does not have the central spot between them...

    Is my old website in where?

    In July 14, 2002, Evik James writes: "Pitter, it in renews your page time about you. I have discover the oldest content in a net equipment. Your winning, hands over gets down. But, you have a good stand. "

    My old main page, from 1997, in 2004 movedhere.

    Evik next day continued, said: "I am justly cheat about have discover the oldest stand in fact the equipment. You probably can win though, if such equipment can revolve. Remarkably, your stand in fact has some cooling materials, specially by today standard. I will tell Shi Misong the rather institute to represent you. "

    Thanks, Evik!

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