3d cube rotating applet

Click on the 3D cube applet, and then use the ARROW KEYS and the PAGEUP and PAGEDN keys to rotate the cube!


Welcome to my rotating 3d cube applet. This was a really neat adventure into programming. The cube is made of 12 triangles in three-space, which are rotated and then flattened onto your screen. I use the native polygon methods in java, not because I wanted to do without the versatility of using my own shape-drawing methods, but because in java, that is way to darn slow. (I wanted to do z-sorting and all sorts of wierdness, but for now this is all that will run smoothly) The directional lighting and surface reflection are calculated the old fashioned way, with mathematics, rather than a prefab api.

I'm working on a much more versatile engine, that will allow multiple wierd-shaped objects, multiple light sources, and a portable point-of-view, but people keep offering me money to do other things, so I keep not finishing it. For now, it just shows the rotating cube in 3d.

Besides, VRML looks like a lot of fun, (and power!) even if I don't get to drown in the Math the way I did on this.

compiled in java 1.0.2, 1997 - another cool antique from houseof3d.com!