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Welcome the only website on the net that puts a different 3D surface curve up on a 3D pedestal each month. Come back next month for an exciting new 3D surface curve. You can make the graph spin by dragging on it with your mouse. If you have 3D glasses, you can use those, too.

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The 3D surface curve for December, 1997, is

y = x^4 - z^4

Gently drag and release to start the model spinning.
detail :
Note that too much detail can be a drag, if you are trying to spin or use 3D glasses.
3D specs :

This month's curve, y = x^4 - z^4, strongly resembles the equation y = x^2 - z^2. They are both from the hyperbolic paraboloid family, commonly referred to as 'saddles'. This curve differs from its '^2' cousin in that it is flatter on the 'seat' part, and suddenly begins to climb very steeply. This is a reflection of n^4's property of being very close to 0 when less than 1, and very, very large when greater than one.

If you have a special favorite 3-d surface curve that doesn't already appear on my 3D Graph Applet, you can audition it for 3D Surface Curve of the Month by e-mailing it to me. Please have at least one axis free from multiple solutions. A graph is not necessary.

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