Color Number Calculator

Hexadecimal Colour Codes for HTML


Use this simple java applet to compare html colours quickly and easily. Excellent for designing web pages, as you can set the foreground and background colors to your tastes, and then read their hexadecimal "color code" values, which are used in HTML. You can contrast different sizes of text and/or a big colored area against the background colour.

get yourself a java enabled browser. You will then be able to see the java powered hexadecimal color value number calculator, and all sorts of other cool stuff.

Note that the colours shown are java's interpretation of the colour value. HTML sometimes shows them a teeny tiny bit differently.

I have chosen a non-descript gray colour for the background of this page, so that your eye may experience the colours you choose with a 'clean palette', as it were.

As a note of interest, on page 13 of IBM's G40 Monitor Handbook, 'IBM recommends that the use of primary colour blue on a dark background be avoided. It is difficult to see and may cause eyestrain due to insufficient contrast.' Many feel that red on a dark background has a similar effect. Use this applet to find combinations of colours that are cool to look at, while being easy to read.

If you bookmark this page, you can come back and use this powerful tool any time you feel like.

If you wonder why I consistently spell color/colour as color or colour, it is because I don't trust the search engines to find you one if you search for the other. This way, I look like an illiterate slob, but the search engines know this site is what you are looking for, whether you speak her majesty's english, or the 'Merican english. (When you are programming, you have to use the 'Merican "color".)

For less flippant information on how to get search engines to search for your pages, see How To Get On Search Engines or Using Meta Tags

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Updated January 4, 1998