Get your 3D glasses out! Put 'em on! Go for a spin on my Stereoscopic Wireframe!

Click and drag to rotate the stereoscopic wireframe! For maximum 'whoa' value, 'spin' it with the 'spin' buttons, or play with the perspective and appearant distance.

Get a darn java enabled browser, would you?

Where would you like the model to 'appear'?
Choose the description that best fits your 3D specs:
Try this: start it spinning, flatten it out with the 'shallower' button (about 9 clicks), and while you're watching, punch the '@' button to resore the perspective.

S t e r e o s c o p i c ViewMaster T r i b u t e !

'Stereoscopic' is a word that describes a way of generating images that appear 3-dimensional by having two different images, each with a slightly different perspective. One image is viewed by the left eye, the other by the right.

This wireframe applet employs the same stereoscopic technique as the old 3-d movies, which is to provide one color of image for one eye, and another color for the other. The other eye's image is filtered out by a coloured lens.

The old ViewMaster was a stereoscopic imaging device, based on a very old device known as the stereo-opticon. This was simply two lenses held at a distance from two images, in such a way as to focus each eye on a separate image.

See also this stereoscopic helix.

Here's the globe in a non-stereoscopic context, for those of you who can't find your blue-and-red-glasses.

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