ViewMaster Model for 3D Glasses

Click and drag to rotate the 3D viewmaster model! For maximum 'whoa' value, 'spin' it with the 'spin' buttons, and then play with the perspective and appearant distance.

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Choose the description that best fits your 3D glasses:

Here's the ViewMaster in a non-stereoscopic context, for those of you who can't find your 3D glasses.

This is a scale model of a viewmaster I inherited from my grandparents. It has a number of reels in the box with it, and a catalogue of newly released discs, dated September, 1950.

The viewmaster was my first contact with stereo imaging. I have been puzzling over how two different flat images can produce of model of such depth since about the age of two. The same principle upon which the viewmaster works allows you to view the model in 3D, if you have the red and blue type of 3D glasses.

See also this stereoscopic globe.

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Updated November 17, 1997