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The Brothers Countrypolitan

I have been playing with the Brothers since they formed in 2002. In the words of our leader, Dan Kershaw, "the countrypolitans play misty vinyl coated classic country, single-mic style."

The Countrypolitans are a dream band for a pedal steel player. Lots of hard country shuffles, lots of dreamy sweet numbers, and plenty of room for steel licks and solos.

We usually play every Sunday at the Cameron House in Toronto. Please check our shows page for details, exceptions, or other shows.

Pete Gray Tonkin on his Carter Pedal Steel
Pete Gray Rockin' out with his Carter Pedal Steel

Reuben Cherry

I have been playing with Reuben Cherry since 2002. Reuben Cherry play rock and roll, with influences from Motown, Gospel, Country, Funk, Soul, Southern-fried... the list goes on and on.

I get to be very experimental and original playing with Reuben Cherry. My Hawaiian influence and use of 4 finger picks have made my contributions to the band's sound more lush than most rock pedal steel, while the kick-ass honky-tonk influence really heats things up.

Please check our shows page for our playing dates.

Pineapple Pete's Hawaiian Beach Party

This is a one-man show I do with my lap steel.

Sometimes, the show is simply hours of sweet, tropical background music. Sometimes, it is a one-hour multimedia presentation, with slideshows and history and singing and hula and jokes. I do work at seniors homes and various dinner-type functions.

Spreading some aloha at the beach
pedal steel by Pete Gray, Toronto

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